Welcome to Purple Class!

Purple Class is a Foundation 2 (F2) Class.  Our teacher is Mrs Booth, and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Statham.

We have PE every Wednesday, and on Thursday morning, we get to choose a book to take home to share with our grown ups.  We keep the book for a week, before bringing it back the following Thursday to swap it for a different one!

We love to learn in Purple Class, and each half term, our learning is based around a different, fun Learning Challenge question.  This half term our Learning Challenge questions is "Where would a penguin prefer to live?".  We will enjoy a performance and workshops based around the Lost and Found story and explore lots of non-fiction books about penguins to enable us to write our own penguin fact! 

Later on in the half term, we will be exploring the First Christmas story and retell this through our Nativity performance.

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