Welcome to Yellow / Orange Class!

Yellow and Orange Classes are both Nursery classes. The morning Nursery children belong to Yellow Class and the afternoon Nursery children belong to Orange Class.

Our Nursery teacher is Mrs Renshaw and our teaching assistants are Mrs Smith, Miss Allen and Miss Snood.

Teaching and learning in Yellow / Orange class is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, and this term our learning challenge is: 'Lord, Lady, Knight or Jester? Who in the castle would you have been?'

Our stories this term are the traditional tales 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and 'Sleeping Beauty'. We will read and retell the stories, and find out about the different characters who lived in the castle. We will plant beans, just like Jack did, and watch them grow week by week.  We will use our maths skills to compare the height of our beanstalks, and will develop our counting skills as we solve problems in the castle.

At the end of the half term it is Easter, so in the last week we learn all about how people celebrate this festival.