Curriculum Information

Our Governors believe that the school curriculum is an active growing process for the aquisition of knowledge, and the development of skills, concepts, attitudes and values.

The Governors are commited to a curriculum which is broad and balanced and which:-

  • promotes spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of all pupils.
  • prepares pupils for the opportunities, reponsibilities and experiences of adult life.

As a school we deliver a Learning Challenge curriculum which we have found to be inspirational both for teachers and pupils. It makes learning motivational and successful for all involved.

At its heart the Learning Challenge curriculum is skills based and knowledge supported. Each half term is planned around a key question which is launched by a 'WOW' event. 

Planning of the curriculum begins with an understanding of the key skills to be developed and the content is selected to support these.

The Learning Challenge Curriculum enables children to become good communicators, solve problems , work well with others and to become indepedent learners.